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Santa Monica, CA – July 22, 2016

Zone·tv and Obsev Studios have agreed to create three on-demand streaming apps to add to the rapidly expanding portfolio of zone·tv. Zone·tv bridges the gap between the online world and the pay television world by bringing the best made for digital content to the cable and satellite ecosystem. Zone·tv’s OnDemand Channel presently carries over twenty streaming on-demand apps on its distribution platform presently covering 8.5 million US and Canadian pay TV households. Zone·tv’s model is to create and maintain the apps on its advanced cloud platform, and then distribute them into the pay TV operator’s set top box for discovery by consumers in the electronic program guide.

Obsev Studios is ‘obsessed with everything’ that is current in today’s pop culture. Obsev creates targeted content that integrates video and editorial to serve the needs of the 18-34 year olds. On a daily basis their stable of in-house producers and growing list of contributors create over 100 content pieces on the world of sports and entertainment, all originated from the Obsev Studios in Hollywood.
The three on-demand apps focus on the personal side of what is going on in the sports and entertainment worlds:
The Fumble picks up on today’s hot stories in the world of sports – from NBA free agency, to Russell Wilson and Ciara tying the knot, to Brock Lesner’s controversial return to UFC

Hollyscoop takes you behind the scenes of Hollywood from Justin Bieber’s stage slip, to Rihanna and Drake’s sparks, the ongoing story of Taylor Swift and Tim Hiddleston.

The Lowdown Diana Madison interviews the stars — Mariah Carey and her upcoming tour, Brandi Cyrus on the family reality show, Ali Landry takes the Doritos challenge.
“We were very impressed with Obsev Studio’s pop culture perspective on the worlds of sports and entertainment,” says zone·tv CEO Jeff Weber. “The Obsev production team stays on top of all the relevant personal stories by creating over 100 content pieces daily. We are happy to work with Obsev to create 3 great streaming on-demand apps.”

About zone·tv
Selections of zone·tv’s diverse programming can be seen on AT&T U-verse, Comcast, DIRECTV, CenturyLink, TELUS, Bell Canada, Frontier Communications and others. Zone·tv offers more than 30 new and original channels to North America and Europe. Zone·tv is bridging the gap between technology and engaging programming with zone·tv Dynamic Channels. The result is a new cable/satellite content category that offers a best-in-class personal user experience blending the convenience of linear viewing with the flexibility of on-demand programming in a highly personalized viewing experience. Zone·tv genres include kid’s programming, fitness, cooking, casual games, sports, lifestyle among other popular genres. The company has offices in Toronto and Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit www.zone.tv.

About Obsev Studios
Obsev is a digital magazine featuring original video and editorial created for a generation obsessed with everything food, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. Obsev believes that today’s millennials are OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING that catches their interests and their social surroundings, and Obsev has positioned themselves to have their finger on the pulse to deliver that content. www.obsev.com