Santa Monica, CA – December 10, 2015

Whether you are tasked with hosting your new in-laws or assigned the main dish for the office pot luck, there is no need to waste precious time worrying when you can access zone·tv’s newly launched Le Gourmet TV app and quickly become the culinary star of any party this holiday season.

Le Gourmet TV has partnered with zone·tv to launch its library of hundreds of recipes for cocktails, appetizers, side dishes, main courses, breakfast entrees, baked goods, deserts and more. Viewers can access the extensive collection of recipes for a quick video “how to” for some of the most popular dishes, new items and a variety of ethnic cuisine. Want to know how to make a mojito? No problem, Le Gourmet TV can show you how and list all the ingredients needed. Puzzled on how to prepare fresh shrimp? Need a marinade? Want to know the ingredients to make an apple pie? Le Gourmet TV provides short, easy-to-follow videos to remove the mystery and give you the confidence to prepare any item.

“This holiday season Le Gourmet TV is going to be the ‘go to’ app for both foodies and the food-challenged who quickly need to know more about food preparation,” said Jeff Weber, Chief Executive Officer of zone·tv. He added, “Le Gourmet has one of the largest collections and most diverse offerings of food and drink how to videos to provide everyone with an easy solution to a great meal.”

Le Gourmet TV is a collective of passionate foodies, chefs, recipe developers and film makers who love the kitchen and all things food. They have fun and simply focus on good food. The recipes are easy to understand with accessible ingredients and every recipe has a short instructional video. The channel offers hundreds of recipes with new recipes added monthly. It puts the viewer in control making it easier than ever to watch a recipe being prepared, stop it when needed, or compare the final culinary masterpiece.

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