Event-based “pop·up” Channels

Event-based “pop·up” Channels are free to consumers, offering compelling, timely engagement companion experiences to live broadcast events and holidays.

Accessible to all TV households as a free entertaining experience, consumers see great value in event-based “pop-up” channels resulting in high usage and more eyes on MVPDs VOD promotions and advertising

Designed to enable and serve as a vehicle for MVPDs to further monetize during the occasion through ad revenue sharing via full branding and advertising within the experience

Zone·tv does all the work in ad/sponsor sales against our aggregate pay TV household distribution and shares in our success with our MVPD partners


Halloween Countdown, a new spooktacular interactive web-based experience from zone·tv.

Celebrate the season with the latest release of the highly popular Santa Tracker—an interactive experience from zone·tv dedicated to all things Santa.


Sport Events

Games Channel

An Interactive Channel offering access to 40+ casual game titles to play using the Pay TV STB and Remote under a $5 / month subscription.

Zone·tv’s Games Channel enables viewers to easily access 40+ casual gaming experiences on their TV

Enjoy a personalized experience through avatars and user profiles to better identify your scores as they move up the leaderboards

Uses the traditional Pay TV set-top box and remote control without the need for new hardware

Leverages Pay TV Operator’s marketing resources

Generates incremental revenue for Pay TV operators and content providers